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Another Huge Diamond Discovered in Angola Gems Diamond

Another Huge Diamond Discovered in Angola Gems Diamond


Another large diamond dug from Lulo

'Virtually flawless' 404.2-carat diamond discovered in Angola

This is the 68-carat diamond Lucapa just found at its Lulo mine in Angola

The discovery of the giant gem marks the 12th time the company has unearthed a diamond of 100 carats or more from the African mine.

Angola Mine Yields Eighth Diamond Above 100cts

A 04.73 carat D color Type IIa diamond, left, and a 151.52 carat Type

Diamonds bigger than 100 carats found in Lesotho mine

A tiny Australian miner just found this huge diamond

Lucapa finds another large diamond at its Lulo mine in Angola

Gem Diamonds finds another massive diamond in Lesotho

Lucapa announced that it found this 38.6-carat pink diamond at the Lulo Diamond Project

Like the Lucara diamond, the Lucapa stone is of the extremely rare and chemically pure Type IIa gem variety. The newly discovered rough diamond, ...

Lucapa finds yet another large diamond in Angola

910-carat diamond found in Lesotho (picture-alliance/Gem Diamonds)

Karowe AK6 diamond

Rough cut diamonds

A giant diamond

The 163.41 carat emerald-cut gem that was extracted from the rough diamond following months

A Perth miner just made another $9.6 million from a haul of big diamonds

Huge diamonds keep coming out of Lucapa's Lulo mine in Angola

The 404-carat diamond set two records. It's the largest diamond ever found in Angola (the previous record holder weighed 217.4 carats), and it's also the ...

Africa's Top 5 Diamond Producers

Large Diamonds Discovered in Angola. angola diamond

Lucapa Diamond Company

Alrosa gem diamond Russia

There is a high demand for rough diamonds throughout the world, and the market for those found in India and China is on the increase.

agd diamonds russia

PHOTO: A rare blue diamond, weighing over 20 carats, was unveiled in Botswana

The Kingdom of Lesotho added two more big diamond finds to its roster this month. At left is the 115-carat rough diamond Gem Diamonds recently uncovered and ...

Canadian miner's tennis ball-sized 'diamond in the rough' proves too big to sell

The uncut 404-carat stone named the “4 de Fevereiro” discovered in Angola

Round cut diamond

Diamond discovery in WA's remote Kimberley brings renewed hope to Australian diamond industry

Picture of a diamond.

Rough Diamonds as they are found in nature! www.TreasureForce.com www.TreasureBusiness.org

The ten largest diamond mines hold over one billion carats of diamond reserves. Image courtesy of Judy van der Velden.

A massive 404-carat diamond worth some £10million has been unearthed in Africa. The stunning gem – one of the largest ever found – was discovered by an ...

Lucapa Unearthed Another Large Diamond at Lesotho

Botswana: Another large diamond recovered

United States Diamonds


DeBeers diamond ring

London-listed Gem Diamonds said yesterday it had recovered two large diamonds. Image: Gem Diamonds.

__ The 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona diamond, on

[Guide] The 99 Most Famous Diamonds of the world

conflict diamonds


The 163.41 carat diamond has been set in an emerald and diamond necklace. Pic:

Two huge diamonds discovered in Lesotho

Rough diamonds are mined before they can be sold to the manufacturer

Diamond Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image

World's biggest green diamond 'Dresden Green Diamond' on display in Tokyo.

Alrosa Russia gem diamond

In this image released on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, a 163-

Russia's diamond producer Alrosa has started a rough diamond auction in New York, presenting 81 large gem-quality diamonds over 10.8 carats each, ...

This huge white diamond was uncovered in Angola.

Comparison of Yellow Diamond Intensities

This is the 68-carat diamond Lucapa just found at its Lulo mine in Angola

Auction house in Switzerland offers diamond described as the most beautiful

The original, 404.20 carat rough diamond that was mined in eastern Angola — the 27th

The world's rarest, biggest and most expensive diamonds | Boat International

Belgium, the center of the world's diamond trade, has charged HSBC's Swiss Private Bank with fraud. And it's not just Belgium – many dealers are under ...

DIAMOND MINING IN SOUTH AFRICA. The Cullinan was discovered in South Africa.

African diamond producing countries

Diamonds have long been the world's most precious gemstones, admired universally for their strength and beauty. And while the stone in your engagement ring ...

TOP 7 Countries With The Most Diamonds Found

Well over 30,000 diamond stones seized in ongoing transparency operation in Angola

What is a diamond??

A Perth company believes it's close to a mother lode of large diamonds in Africa

octahedral diamonds

diamond outlook

Lulo Mine Yields Another 100ct. Diamond

A replica of the Cullinan Diamond, the biggest gem-quality diamond ever found.

Rough and faceted natural-color green diamonds.

Diamond & Gemstones - (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald etc.)

A synthetic diamond is checked with a magnifying glass. Lab-grown gems are challenging

Diamond sale breaks record in Geneva auction

View Larger Image massive-pink-diamond

Mountain Province Reports Diamond Resource Spike from Faraday 2

Largest D Flawless diamond in the world sells for $33.7m

95-carat, Type IIa diamond found in Angola

de beers

Rio Tinto announced that its Argyle diamond mine has produced one of the largest gem quality white diamonds in its 35-year history.

What is the Kimberley Process for Diamonds

Which Diamonds are the Rarest?