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Scientists Discover RecordSetting Alien World Aliens Cosmos

Scientists Discover RecordSetting Alien World Aliens Cosmos


Scientists Discover Record-Setting Alien World

Curse of the Comets

Aliens in the Amazon

If There Are Aliens out There, Where Are They?

This artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made to date by NASA's Kepler space telescope.

alien megastructures


[Chao Liu (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences )]


Illustration of `Oumuamua, the first-known interstellar asteroid. Its unusual shape and

Hunt for the Missing Black Holes

Kepler-11 is a sun-like star around which six planets orbit. At

The brightest flash of light ever recorded now has an explanation | From the Grapevine

The Most Outstanding Science News and Breakthroughs from 2018 | Digital Trends

What's Orbiting KIC 8462852 – Shattered Comet or Alien Megastructure?


The brightest flash of light in the cosmos could be a rare event involving a star

Pioneer 10 lived up to its name, blazing a trail to the outer solar system


slide 1 - Hellas Mosaic

We Have Proof Life Survives on Mars for Millions of Years

New York's Greatest

New modeling indicates that the grooves on Mars' moon Phobos could be produced by tidal forces – the mutual gravitational pull of the planet and the moon.

Life outside the bubble: Peggy Whitson took her record-setting 8th spacewalk outside the

... Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) shows the telescope at work, with its dome open and its record-setting 42-metre primary mirror pointed to the sky.

Egypt's Animal Mummies: The Dark Truth


Exoplanets (planets around other stars) ranked by researchers at the Planetary Habitability Lab at

Hunt for Nazi Treasure

NASA's Parker Solar Probe sets out for the sun

The 'Alien Megastructure Star' Enters Another Dimming Phase

slide 3 - Morning on Chryse Planitia



image of solar system milky way galaxy multiple hot jupiter gravitational waves exoplanet extrasolar extra solar


Our featured star shines around 12th magnitude in the constellation Cygnus the Swan (Northern Cross

slide 5 - Newly Deployed Sojourner Rover


A hand with a latex glove holding the moon

Einstein's theory finally confirmed

Image may contain: sky, night, nature and outdoor

Could a giant comet breakup followed by those pieces crumbling into even smaller comets be the

Astronaut Bruce McCandless, Who Died in December, Talks About the First Untethered Spacewalk

Space weather forecast: Solar storm predicted for Easter weekend

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of March 2019

A jaguar with its fresh kill on a river bank in Brazil's Pantanal. Jaguars hunt

Cosmic Queries: Science Fiction

Today's “Planet Earth Report” –World's Billionaires Hunt for Alien Life, Volcano Planet, Lost Sub Mystery

Amy Zimmerman

Image may contain: night and sky

Astronomers said they discovered a new planet in the Solar System! It& Neptune Sized and is located in the Kuiper Belt!

... Of islanders, aliens, and frogs. A cosmic test for humanity. Part 2

Scientists unveil Event Horizon Telescope's first image of a galaxy's monster black hole

Cold weather to grip WORLD as solar minimum to DEEPEN, NASA says

Cigar-shaped comet might actually be an alien probe

Life on Mars: One of the scientists spies on a new commercial drilling site in

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50 indelible images from the first 50 years of spaceflight

Cosmic Queries: Science Fiction

Planet Spin Directions

Official Dolby Cinema poster for Marvel's "Captain ...

An alien UFO abducting humans

Star with a mystery, KIC 8462852, photographed on Oct. 15, 2015.

MINI-ICE AGE warning as solar minimum hits ALL-TIME HIGH - 'It's a PERFECT STORM!' | Science | News | Express.co.uk

Today's “Planet Earth Report” –Humans Say 'Yes' Aliens Exist, Navajo Code Talkers, to Preserving Antarctica's Oceans

Collages, Science, Apollo Missions, Cosmos, Aliens, Tumblr, Space Shuttle,

Solar sail in “All the World is Birthday Cake”

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

15 September: Global ocean found in Saturn's moon, Enceladus.

Arduino Create comes to Chrome OS devices!

Detailed map showing stars to around magnitude 12 with the Kepler star identified. It's located

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mars evolution evolve gorilla curiosity rover gale crater red planet martian

Star-Trek Technology –“New Quantum-World Material 'Stumbled Upon' That Cannot Be Described by Classical Physics”

Cosmic Queries – Climate Science, with Bill Nye from StarTalk Radio on RadioPublic

Congress May Shift Climate Research Away from NASA

Ontario Curriculum - Grade 9 Science SNC1D and SNC1P Strand D: Earth and Space Science

FAST radio telescope at night

For two decades, Jim Killen has served as the science fiction and fantasy book buyer for Barnes & Noble.

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Science 9: Earth and Space Science (Exploring Our Universe)


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Star with a mystery, KIC 8462852, photographed on Oct. 15, 2015.

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